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Hello, and welcome !

Firstly.. Please let me apologise for the state of this site and the likelihood of missing pages, etc, etc  :(

A few months back my hosting provider became erratic and I often had little, or no access to cpanel. Not a good situation at all!

Said hosting provider has since gone completely AWOL !

So here is this simple ‘seed’ page from which the site shall once again flourish :) - Piecing things together again

Thanks for visiting and please bookmark this page and keep up to date with my ongoing (albeit SLOWwww) changes ..  I appreciate your time taken to visit .. Thanks Heaps !

Peter Watson aka surgreen

Wherever you see this image ..

..Know that the system being referred to is a PIC Portfolio Program and is fully supported and promoted by the Perpetual Income Club - Nice ! is fully committed to introducing

the Perpetual Income Club (PIC) to as many as possible.

Get signed up for free by clicking the adjacent banner.

Then follow the directions in the back office to get signed

up at the PIC forum where you can introduce yourself and

ask any questions you may have.

You will always have access to help in the PIC :)

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